Manage your inventory, keep track of the capacity, get a solid control on your database servers and benefit from resource usage recommendations provided by machine learning algorithms.


Database and Inventory Management

Solidbooster supports you in establishing a solid database management and inventory control system by tailoring its features and price according to your needs. You can easily track and control your inventory thanks to its informative dashboards, manage your database servers just on a single screen, run queries on all of your servers, and get alarm notifications in case of problems and errors.

All Features


Collects Data

It connects to all database engines. It collects and stores data at both the database layer and the operating system layer.


Server Monitoring

It monitors the data flow, active queries and problems instantly and gives an alarm.


Recommends Source

It interprets your data with machine learning algorithms and recommends resources.


Manages your Inventory

It detects database servers and allows you to easily manage your inventory.


Server Responsibilities Management

You can instantly view the status of database servers, which are the responsibility of the teams in your company.


Inventory Summary

It provides summary graphics about the general status of your inventory in all database engines and offers detailed control.


Risk Alarm System

Alarms collected in all database engines are displayed on the control screen and redirects are made to solve the problem.


Running Queries on All Servers

A related common query can be executed by selecting multiple servers in all database engines.


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